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  1. Default Card System - Optimal Set and Issues with Card Set

    I believe there are calculations done by our SP team.
    Initially there were beliefs that the 3 warrior thing where hp to dmg does alot of dmg boost, but after it is out, the boost seems at best insignificant?
    As such, one would wonder what then is the optimal set.

    Would the undermentioned deck selection be considered optimal?

    For example, if one has a 100% ignore pdr, then maybe the optimal set may be

    For Dmg

    Deck 1 and 2 - Bucc, pala, Marksman/Jett

    (depending on whether if they have 100% crit -2 mm to boost crits, 2 jetts to boost min crit dmg)

    Without 100% ignore dmg

    Deck 1 - Bucc, Mech, jetts - pirate set
    Deck 2 - Ds, paladin, aran/dk - warrior set

    For Survival / Mulung

    Deck 1 - DS/mech/bam (buff duration increased, status resistance, and dmg taken reduced)
    Deck2 - Evan,Merc,Aran (passive mp, hp drain , + cd reduction)

    After AB,Kaiser, and the 5 novas are out
    assuming each nova adds 10,20,40,80 primary stats

    For Dmg:

    Deck 1 and Deck 2 - Bucc , pala and their respective nova
    (i.e a Hero will choose 2 kaisers for both decks)

    For Dmg without 100% pdr

    Deck 1 - Bucc, Jett/AB/ Mech ( 3 Choose 2)- Pirates set
    Deck 2 - Bucc, pala, Nova job

    In conclusion:

    For most damage dealing mains,
    It is recommended to have 2 paladins, 2 Buccs, 2 (class of their choice) for the most optimal buffs?

    Having said that, in general the damage buffs from card system is imo not that significant.

    However those buffs like crit chances - does help in getting phantoms to 100% crit.

    While an aran and evan does go a long way in helping one complete mulung dojo.

    As for the status resist buff from ds, this is more obvious when one is attempting to solo things like pink bean, cygnus instructors with a class like say hero or a dark knight.

    As such, although mathematically there may exist an optimal choice of deck but I believe that the boost from the optimal deck may not be that significant in terms of damage, although 2 mm does go a long way in helping one to achieve 100% crit as a phantom.

  2. Default Re: Card System - Optimal Set and Issues with Card Set

    Why do you include Jett at all? All it does increase summon duration.

  3. Default Re: Card System - Optimal Set and Issues with Card Set

    If you want to use the S/SS-rank 3-pirate set it's either Jett or Corsair, and Jett has a good link skill.

    Anyway, bucc cards are useless. They increase your range but do piddly-diddly for your real damage unless you're super unfunded. May as well strive to get good set effects and link skills while you're at it (e.g. for a pirate set I'm using Cannoneer + Jett + Mech, two link skills and one useful card). The +7 all stats from having three of one type of char (adventurers/resistance/heroes) is probably going to be better than Bucc/Paladin if you have enough %stat.

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    Default Re: Card System - Optimal Set and Issues with Card Set

    I think the definition of 'optimal' varies from user to user.
    I know I prefer the cards that give either longer buff duration/shorter cool downs, etc.
    More HP is nice as a bishop, as well.



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