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  1. Default Sacrifice skill delay?

    Hi SP, I've been looking around for the skill delay for Sacrifice and I haven't really had much luck with this.

    According to this thread, it's 750ms.
    It's not listed here, so I'd assume it's 810ms.

    Which is the correct one?

    I've been told that it's 810ms for a swing animation, and 750ms for the stab animation according to the character.wz. (At a 3:2 ratio would be my guess, so the weighted average?)
    I believe it's one of the only skills used at 'endgame' levels that still has a swing/stab variation.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Sacrifice skill delay?

    he's talking about something that hasn't changed since third job was released f3

    i don't know the delays myself either though, only skill i still am confused about... (i fell yer pain)

  3. Default Re: Sacrifice skill delay?

    Didn't @Dusk; have a specific value in his dps chart? I thought it got changed to 510 but I think I'm getting confused with crusher. 610 also is a number that I vaguely recall

  4. Default Re: Sacrifice skill delay?

    Regular delays..

    Faster (2): 570ms
    Faster (3): 630ms
    Fast (4): 660ms
    Fast (5): 720ms
    Normal (6): 750ms
    Slow (7): 810ms
    Slow (8): 870ms
    Slower (9): 900ms

    Unless this has changed recently.



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