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    Default You've Been Owned.

    Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse...this decides the fate of if we can basically resell anything.
    So this will undermine things like EBay,Craigslist, and even a local Yard Sale.
    And guess what? ...Oh well, read it yourself. Guess who's backing them.

    Link 1

    Link 2

    Link 3-News Article

    ...Yeap. I don't even know anymore. Oh well, back to experimenting with the logo.
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  2. Default Re: You've Been Owned.

    This will probably backlash to all the supporters since there's going to be a public outcry about this. Who would put their name on this? Why advertise that your company engages in anti-consumer practices?

    I'm having trouble thinking of legitimate points that support pushing this through... at least, benefiting the consumer in some way or at best be neutral to.

    I haven't done any significant research... but I have a strong feeling there's no way in hell this will pass in the Supreme Court.

  3. Default Re: You've Been Owned.

    It baffles me why the people behind SOPA would back this anti-consumer goal.



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