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  1. Default Enchated teabag?

    Okay, so looking around online yielded me only a Basil Market thread where the question was never truly answered and a Nexon forums post today that also has gone unanswered.

    I was slaying some Red Porky and a purple teabag fell. The description says to use it in the 'Magical Teapot' in the Cash Shop. In spite of kind of rolling my eyes at a drop that needs a Cash Shop item, curiosity overwhelms me and I go searching for said item.

    There is, as far as I can tell, no such Magical Teapot in the Cash Shop.

    Am I correct in assuming this is probably some error?

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    Default Re: Enchated teabag?

    Probably an error.
    Yet another peanut/icecube/gachabox type event to not look forward to.

  3. Default Re: Enchated teabag?

    They will probably announce this "new event" later after cash shop maintenance :P

  4. Default Re: Enchated teabag?

    This is probably where we will get those account tradeable totems from...

  5. Default Re: Enchated teabag?

    Almost laughed at the Title "Enchanted TeaBag" lol

    anyway, i think its a cash shop item that opens it
    similar to those ice crystals that needed scales

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    Default Re: Enchated teabag?

    I have a feeling that if I try these teabags my wallet will get tea-bagged hard.

  8. Default Re: Enchated teabag?

    It has come to pass. :|



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