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  1. Cash5 Maplestory Crashes after Entering PiC

    So I've been having this problem for awhile now. Well, two issues actually,

    Main Problem: Maplestory Crashes after entering PiC.
    After entering my PiC, multiple things can happen:
    - Screen fades to black and freezes there.
    - Screen fades to black, but you can faintly see the Maple World
    - Music plays for 3 seconds then stops.
    - Music continues to play the entire time the game is frozen
    After about 5-10 minutes of any of the above combinations, the game crashes to the Log In screen giving me the error of "Unable to connect to Game Server - Please try again later. "

    There are a few times were I'll get in, and the game will work just fine or will only last about 10mins before just freezing and forcing me to close the game via Task Manager.

    Second Problem: Game freezes at random while playing for 2-5 seconds.
    I feel these problems are related somehow. - This doesn't happen all the time, it comes in bursts, some days it'll be fine, somedays its hell to play with. I notice it alot when I open my Quests menu, or other menus for the first time, but this also happens at random while training while I'm doing nothing special.

    Steps tried so far:
    - Reinstalling via normal way / Steam.
    - Reformatting (Guess it was time for that anyway. ;p)
    - Launching from Game Launcher, Steam, Website (Chrome, Firefox, and IE)
    - Disabling all "Loopback Adaptors" in the Network and Sharing Center (Never had any there in the first place)
    - CMD > Netsh Winsock Reset > Restart PC
    - Compatibility Mode to Windows XP SP3 (Refuses to launch the game when I do that.)

    Computer Specs:
    - OS: Windows 7 64 BIt
    - Problem started in: GMS Version 118.2
    - DxDiag Report:

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious

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    Do you live in a campus/dorm

  3. Default Re: Maplestory Crashes after Entering PiC

    I live in an apartment, not on campus.

    ISP is Cableone. I have a fine internet connection that works for everything else.

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    I might have something similar to your second issue. Are your issues like where monsters are moving but they stay in the same place?

  5. Default Re: Maplestory Crashes after Entering PiC

    Nope, just the entire screen freezes, its the worst, can't even move. :/



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