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  1. Default Shaman King Flowers.

    Both chapters one and two are there.

    Thoughts? I personally grew attached to Yoh, and seeing this brat of a son seems like such a waste.

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    Default Re: Shaman King Flowers.

    Mangastream is 3 chapters behind. Chapters 3-5 are already out.

  3. Default Re: Shaman King Flowers.

    I didn't even know the first series had ended. I haven't read Shaman King since...02.... He was walking towards some sort of Tournament.

    I wish I had the time to catch up >>

  4. Default Re: Shaman King Flowers.

    I have only read the chapters out in Mangastream, but there are already a few things I don't like.

    What a disgrace for Amidamaru to end up under the commads of such a prick. I understand the writer wanting to make Hana different from Yoh but he didn't need to be an ass.

    Second is: The 2 Azakura brothers = Len and Yun Tao. This new story is starting just as the first one did.



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