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    So a few hours ago, I was selling a Lux Cherubim and a few other items in my store permit. About an hour after I had opened the store, I closed it and logged out. A few minutes ago, I went back on my store account, and I was setting up shop for the night and I find that my Lux Cherubim is missing. I only have a few million in my inventory so I know it didn't sell or that I didn't misprice it because someone had offered 1b for it. It is the only item missing in my inventory that I can tell. I didn't equip it, it wasn't sold, I didn't store it in the CS inventory. I'm lost.. I guess I'm going to have to write a ticket to Nexon or something. I have no idea where that item went. Is it possible that the item was sold as I closed the client and the mesos didn't transfer? Ahh... don't know what happened..

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    Send a ticket. A while ago people were reporting items randomly disappearing while logged in; perhaps a similar bug has made a comeback.

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    Okay, I sent a ticket, I just hope Nexon gives some sort of reply. ><

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    They will probably say that your item was involved in illicit activity (i.e., duping).
    There have been issues with those perma cash shop clothes being duped, and the copies disappearing on logout.
    Good luck.

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    This happened to me, and the missing item was in Frederick the following SC...

    I didn't bother sending in a ticket since it was a pretty worthless NX item to begin with.

    EDIT: i think yours happened with a regular permit? If so, i have no idea where it'd turn up.

  6. Default Re: Item gone missing?

    Welp. You were right.

    Nexon's response.

    And no compensation! Yay. There goes a bil.

    At least they responded in under 12 hours.



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