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  1. Default Attack speed base delay table?

    Hi all,
    I have done a quick global forum search plus surfing up to page 10 of the Game Mechanics forum, but I did not find an updated thread stating the actual skill delays. is hopelessly out of date and is also out of date, and misses some important skills too.
    Can anyone point me to an updated, complete list, or how to extract the information from .wz directly (as in where to look for the delay), as I was unable to find a delay listed under the individual skills, only the animation timing.

    I found a reference of some aran skills, but they did not seem to correspond to the animation delay found in the wz file. Furthermore, the animations did not appear to reside in the same folder, and some animations appeared to be split into multiple parts.

    For example,
    states that:
    Overswing's first hit is 420ms the 2nd hit is 660ms and I think it's 540ms for regular attack all at normal 6. Final Toss is 420ms.

    Final Toss (21110003) had 4 frames of 90ms with 2 frames of 30ms found in (skillID/effect), showing the correct attack animation and adding up to 420ms.
    However, Overswing Double(21120009)had 2 frames of 90ms and 2 frames of 120ms, adding up to 420ms found in (skillID/effect), but it did not show the attack animation. The graphic which showed the actual attack animation was found in (skillID/afterimage/polearm/overswingdouble) had 2 frames of 90ms and 5 frames of 120ms, adding up to 780ms.
    Overswing Triple (21120010) had 1 frame of 30ms and 3 frames of 60ms found in (skillID/effect) and 1 frame of 30ms and 5 frames of 60ms found in (skillID/effect0), adding up to 210/330ms respectively, which did not add to 660ms in any way. The actual attack animation found in (skillID/afterimage/polearm/overswingtriple) had 2 frames of 90ms and 3 frames of 60ms adding up to 360ms, which also does not add up correctly.
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