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    Default Re: Champions Update

    Anticipated for this. :d

  2. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
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    Default Re: Champions Update

    Didn't really show anything substancial. Figures.

  3. Default Re: Champions Update

    4-10 Pacific = 1 am till 7 am.
    1-10 Pacific = 10 Pm till 7 am.

    (I'm GMT+1)

    Again, luv u nexon <3

  4. Default Re: Champions Update

    I think its funny how they have backgrounds of mobs go light, dark, light, dark.. its more distracting then showing off the skills. Which honestly they do it so quickly I can't even see them.

  5. Default Re: Champions Update

    I think they do that to make the game seem more fast pace action than it actually is.

  6. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Champions Update

    I created a whole bunch of them before, but Red Leaf High is filling them all up with maple weapons.
    I tell myself I'll fuse all the rejects, but there are so many different ones that sorting is a chore... Easier to just level another Cannoneer to 30.

  7. Default Re: Champions Update

    I originally only made one for the link skill, so pretty much most of my characters are filled with RLH Maple weapons now.

  8. Default Re: Champions Update

    It's obviously a tip-off to Luminous coming soon.




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