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  1. Default Video about Fan Art Law

    NOTE: This video is about 54 minutes long.

    I just picked this up from deviantART recently. I think this could be the right area to show this. Basically, it tells us what to know about fan art and copyright laws.

    What do you think about this?

  2. Default Re: Video about Fan Art Law

    I think that the video is nearly an hour. But I support fair use?

  3. Default Re: Video about Fan Art Law

    A lot of it is common sense and fair use. Just don't go around making a crapload of money off of things that aren't yours and you'll be peachy.

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    Default Re: Video about Fan Art Law

    Fan art really promotes what the fan art is portraying. That said, I do get the whole idea behind it, but it will end up doing more harm to themselves than good.



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