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    When people say that Epic Potential is Lv. 31-70, does that mean that Equipment have the highest chance to become Epic Potential? Does that also apply to the other tiers and levels?

    Thanks in advance.

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    What do you mean by
    ? There's nothing different between each of the potential tiers regarding chance to rank up to Epic/Unique. Red Leaf High equips are slightly different than regular equips because they seem to have a much much higher chance of revealing epic/unique.

    The potential levels/tiers are: lv1 = 0-30; lv2 = 31-70; lv3 = 71+. The potential ranks are rare, epic, unique, legendary, and all ranks are possible for each of the tiers.

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    No, they're just different tiers of potential. Higher level equips are more likely to have certain potentials.

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    "tiers" is just a way to refer to when the equip gets an increase in %stat.

    1-30 equips will have 1% str at rare level, while 31-70 will have 2% str at rare level, and so on.



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