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    [HIDE-REPLY]Updated recent blog if you really wanted to know why I'm still posting. This thread is for it's titled purpose, nothing more.[/HIDE-REPLY]

    First, I'd like to know if anyone knows of any good calendar programs out there that has an incorporated daily planner with multiple "layers", and the ability to give events custom attributes. What I say when I mean layered is basically starting with a sort of watermarked background layer which is always there, and then moving down to goals, tasks, and finally sub-tasks. What I mean when I say attributes is with, for example, a meal, you have not only the time it takes associated with, but also the cost and nutritional value. This is by far not limited to dietary needs though, and I'd like the ability to create attributes as I go depending on a variety of things. I'd like it so that tasks could be saved and reused with all their attributes intact; with the exception that you can edit the name of the event and a "notes" section later.

    I've done a few hours of checking both with Google for the PC, and on the android market, and I can't seem to find something this specific. That doesn't mean it doesn't already exist, just that the sheer number of programs with calendars is so large that without direction, I'd never find one specific to my needs. If someone here can point me in the right direction, I'd be immensely grateful, but I don't have high hopes on that.

    If such a calendar program does not exist; I aim to make one for myself. I've gotten a bit rusty at programing; so this would be a great refresher anyway in the hopes that I might be able to use it in a work environment. In this case, I have to ask for advice.

    Which object-oriented programing language would be best suited to what I am trying to do? What has the best incorporated calendar classes that could be used to tie information from a database to the program and then save individual calendars with? As a plus, which would be easiest to transition to an android phone program should I decide to do that further down the line?

    I have experience with Java, C++, C, and most recently Visual Basic; but am rusty on most fronts so I'd have to recheck a lot of things anyway, but if there's another language very similar to those that would work this better, I'd be willing to look into it.

    If I give up on finding a pre-existing program, and choose a language to base this on, I'll be throwing together some proper pseudo-code and asking for further advice. Thanks in advance for the support!

    P.S. This will be for personal use only and therefore I am not objected to using pieces of others work in the process.

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    Why is it hidden?
    Never mind, it's nothing big.

    Also I'm not sure if this helps or anything but Python has a calendar module.

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    I think Outlook should do what you described.

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    I'm still rusty, but all I see there is a method to print a month given the year and numeric month, along with it's default start day of the week being set. I'm blind if I can't figure out that page, but I don't see any way of inputting data from that.

    After you mentioned that, I realized that I don't have that on this computer. It's so old now I forgot if that was due to the OEM install of the OS or what, but I've used Mozilla Thunderbird all this time.

    But does the current Outlook have any features added to the standard Windows Calendar? I've had a look at that; and unless I'm missing some advanced features, there doesn't seem to be any way to add attributes which you could later sort by or add up which was one of the key things I was looking for. However, the month view looks very similar to what is provided in Visual basic, so there might also be some hidden way to get at that day planner element within the Windows Calendar. Additionally, looking into the format, (.ics), I might be able to find some more information on how to use it.

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    Yeah I figured after a while that it wouldn't be that helpful to you. A lot of programs do have time/date modules though. I'm sure there are some software that can help with what you're doing though, it doesn't seem like a difficult thing to do unless I'm missing something

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    Something like this?

    Custom sorting or adding you'll need to write your own macro but it should be pretty simple.



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