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Thread: [Pirate] Corsair post-revamp builds?

  1. Default Corsair post-revamp builds?

    I've been wondering if it would be more effective to max Majestic presence as soon as possible or Eight-legs Easton (either after double down, obviously).

    This is mainly for a grinding build. Rapidfire and parrotargetting get maxed afterwards for bossing.

  2. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    So whatchu ladies maxing first

  3. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    Maxed double down first(obviously), followed by ahoy mateys for the huge attack boost and crit/ damage bonus for just 10 sp.

    Maxing majestic presence afterwards followed by eight-legs easton.

  4. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    I'm level 173 so... ignore 4th job...

    What did you all Max for 3rd???

    I was stuck between that attack move and the bullet-bill esque move.

    I went w/ bullet bill for functionality, odds are I'll never use the other one whatever it's called. I like to call it "Get off my lawn" move.

  5. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    I left the 3rd job mobbing skill umaxed. Maxed everything else. Easton is 10x better anyway.

    EDIT: oh, and don't forget pirate's revenge before maxing easton too. (for the lower leveled people)

  6. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    Wow, not real great guys.

    It's a Jett. Build him like a Jett in 3rd job.

    Ahoy mateys! first? seriously? Jolly Roger is a much higher priority. The bonuses you get from ahoy Matey are only useful if you actually summon crewmembers.

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    Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    Are you serious?

  8. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    You have the same choices with Corsair as you do with Jett. Blunderbuster is Solar Array. Blackboot Bill is just Gamma Missile. With Jett, I maxed everything but gamma missile. Same damn thing with corsair. 3rd job done. Gamma missile is replaced by 8LE immediately anyway. So yeah, build him like Jett in 3rd job.

  9. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    I maxed Blackboot Bill over Blunderbuster in 3rd job. If Blunderbuster had the same kind of range as Solar Array I would have maxed it, but it doesn't so it's completely replaced by Eight-Legs Easton in 4th job.

    For 4th job, my level was high enough to max everything useful. If I were to do it again, I would probably just follow Locked's Jett build except max Majestic Presence after Double Down, and replace Collateral Damage with Ahoy Mateys.

  10. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    Why would you ever not summon? It's free stats with almost no cost.

    Also ahoy mateys is mastered at level 10. Can't go higher without CO and the like.

    Blunderbuster is also total pomegranate compared to solar array. If you're already 4th job, why even bother?

  11. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    I'm surprised @Locked hasnt make a proper Corsair Build.

  12. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    God the one thing I hate about sairs is how much damage everything does. Also anyone know what books you can trade in for what, or can you just trade in any book for any book?

  13. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    We can't trade in books yet, if you didn't know that.

    Not sure what can be given for what when they enable it either. Been holding onto airstrike 30 for what seems like an eternity. It'll probably be battleship nautilus though.

  14. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    Battleship Nautilis and Parrottargeting cannot be traded for yet. (some kind of glitch)

    The crewman summons is actually really good with the extra buff but unless it is a boss fight, you do not always want to leave them unsupervised because their shenanigans will often get you blasted by some random monster.

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    Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    Ehh... so my Corsair is only 124, what the heck do I do? Got 1 point in Majestic for the extra starting mastery, and 1 point in Easton, do I dump the rest in Pirate's Revenge and Double Down then? /iamhorribleatpiratesnow

  16. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    Max Double Down first, then Ahoy Mateys, then Jolly Roger, then Majestic, then Revenge.
    That's what I'd do. I'm sure other people have suggestions as well.
    Edit : Fixed something, forgot about Ahoy Mateys.
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  17. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    I did double down, ahoy mateys, revenge, MP, rf, roger

    Working on easton and parrotargetting now.

  18. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    If you like to gamble, then Double down but I prefer the guaranteed mastery boost from Majestic presence. After that though so long as you are not putting more than a point or 2 into Brain Scrambler, there is not really a wrong way to pick skills since they are almost all good most of the time.

    Now that I think about it, if Nexon had not put a cooldown on Brain Scrambler even it would have been worth using but at least it still has a cool name.

  19. Default Re: Corsair post-revamp builds?

    Being 190 on my sair and having maxed everything useful( except MW) I can most Definitely say that brain scrambler does have some uses. and its 4 second cool down ax max is really not that noticeable.



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