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  1. Default Quick secondary stat question

    Will current equips in my inventory be secondary stat-less once the Tempest update arrives or does it only apply to new equips?

    Say I purchase a couple of Empress equips right now and retain them until the update (cannot equip as of today). Will they magically be secondary stat-less when the time comes?


  2. Default Re: Quick secondary stat question

    All existing will be affected.

    Side-note, they might not remove GMS specific stuff like the DEX requirement on the black version of the Raven Sword or something.

  3. Default Re: Quick secondary stat question

    Well according to Fiel's extractions they didn't add new versions of all equips, so that means they changed the current ones
    So yea they will become statless

  4. Default Re: Quick secondary stat question

    Okay, thanks for the quick reply guys. :)



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