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Thread: Revamped PvP

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    So I can't seem to find much information on the revamped PvP we will be getting in a few months
    I'm looking for the smaller details like
    -how damage and HP work
    -How long does it take to get an emblem? (How many kills)
    -Does B.attack still give +1% damage?
    -What's the difference between Gladiator mode and the regular 120+ mode?
    (or is it the same just for 160+)
    -Did anyone confirm what hc cooldowns were?

    And finally does anyone have the pvp skill tables?

    Thanks a bunch~

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    Side-note: this thread is more appropriate in the Q&A section and not general.

    1) Idk but it's seemingly based on your range/your potentials. Your HP is a set amount that is like in the hundreds of thousands.
    2) Not sure but you can afk and still get emblems.
    3) Idk. Most likely it'll still give people a huge advantage.
    4) Idk.
    5) HC cooldowns are just the cooldowns in PvP it seems.
    6) I believe the new PvP uses the existing skills and values. However, anything with pvp=0 in it can't be used.

    New PvP is a trainwreck: they took everything bad about the old PvP and made them even worse. Classes are still imbalanced and everyone dies in 2 hits because potential is turned on in every room. It's like the CTF-balance patch where a single ultimate tore everyone apart like thin wet tissues.

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    And ideally people report these threads so that they can be moved there instead of hoping for psychic powers :(

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    I thought omnipresence was part of the job qualifications for being a mod. :v

    I'll report it next time :> but that side-note was mostly toward the threadstarter for future references.

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    Damage works like normal. Your HP is boosted inside the room.
    You fill up a bar to receive gallant emblems. You could afk and get it for all it matters, it's harder to get emblems now though.
    I assume it just gives 1% attack.
    No idea.
    hcCooldown is the cooldown when used in Hardcore mode.
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