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  1. Default Corsair cannot use Mastery Book

    Describe the problem. Be as specific as possible!:

    This is probably limited to skills that no longer exist after the pirate revamp, but it appears I cannot use Mastery Books on some of my skills. (This may have been known, but I just encountered it. Forgive me if this is a repeat of information.)

    Images of problem

    My working theory is that perhaps because the JobID for Pirates has been altered to delay the Revamp, the book may not recognize that I am actually a Corsair.

  2. Default Re: Corsair cannot use Mastery Book

    They were supposed to fix that, but it looks like it is still broken. I can not us super transform 20 on my Bucc either so it may just be moves that were removed.

  3. Default Re: Corsair cannot use Mastery Book

    Eh. I guess I won't try to go find and pass energy orb 20 now

    This is why I wanted the revamp sooner rather than later. It owuld fix the stupid glitches that currently plague the pirate class because they don't have their revamp.

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    Default Re: Corsair cannot use Mastery Book

    One of the main reasons I left my Sair at 150, when this came I couldn't use any mastery books.

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    Default Re: Corsair cannot use Mastery Book

    At least there's only just over a week till the revamp.

    unless nexon messes up again

  6. Default Re: Corsair cannot use Mastery Book

    Yeah, but I have to wonder if we will have mastery book conversion problems like we did with the thieves. I have 8 books that I am now qualified to use but can't. I am really hoping these books can be converted into something useful.



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