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    Default Luminous Opening & Animation

    Opening (when you launch the game)


  2. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    Me Gusta :O

    I may actually go through with playing this one just because of how awesome he looks (and how badass he is in the storyline. Wonder why he isn't as dingged up as the other maple heroes though o_o Did he arrive fashionably late to the whole thing?

  3. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    the animation is amazing. but the revelation of the fight is seriously disappointing. i was hoping that the 5 heroes would be together the whole time but aran and phantom was just holding off the black mages' army while mercedes and freed were the ones who actually fought the black mage until he is weak with luminous finishing him off.

  4. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    Don't forget Demon Slayer, who broke the Black Mage's shield so Mercedes and Aifren could hurt him.

    And yeah, very underwhelming considering how powerful they make out the Black Mage to be. (And how powerful he most likely will be when he's actually a boss. He'll probably hit so hard that squishier classes like Mercedes will NEED Kaiser's Link Skill on top of potential HP bonuses and Hyper Body just to survive.)

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    Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    So wait, does this mean they seriously aren't going to bother with a Pirate hero?

    I mean, I had my suspicions that Nexon would pull one over on Pirates by releasing another boring class like Mikhail for their hero, but releasing another Magician is just a blow to the groin.

  6. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    Maybe they would have won if they had some PIRATES

  7. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    Really good animation, Nexon can easily make a whole cinematic movie out of the whole storyline of Maplestory with this animation team.

    And no I'm not referring to the first Maplestory anime... ;)

    It would be one of the first game-to-movies out there that would actually have some quality in it.

  8. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    Me likey.
    That's some badass animation.

  9. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    With the way Wizet likes to balance them? (Buccaneer sucking until six months ago, Cannon Shooter, etc.)

    I don't think so.

  10. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    Didn't Pirate not even exist back in the original battle against the Black Mage?

    I thought Heroes were the original people that fought the Black Mage in the past.

  11. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    I guess pirates wouldn't have existed yet way back in the day considering they started after the black mage went kablooey. iirc they were started in order to hunt the black mages's underlings/the people who want to revive him. So it makes sense that there is no "pirate hero". Perhaps in the future we'll have the "Pirate King" who is the father of all pirates who began the hunt for the black wings organization.

    otherwise, he'd have to be the "Green Ranger" of the Heroes, coming in at the last second to provide a barrier to the curse or something.

    EDIT: So I went back to the google and found the old comics from Pirate release way back in the day. Testonen is credited with being the original Pirate and Kyrin seems to have discvered how to BE a pirate by herself (unless she met up with her father somewhere in the mapleworld to learn), Pirates techncally didn't exist as a class until kyrin came to Vic Island, but there's nothing to say that pirates didn't exist before then. We know that Testonen was alive during the black mage's time and that he fought with the black mage and his armies, but we don't know how he died. Hell, he could have fought the black mage when Demonslayer was still a loyal general. Technically we could have Testonen as a hero if he was defeated in a similar manner to the 5 heroes- frozen in time.

  12. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    Alright, I'm definitely realllly bugged that the Legends didn't even fight together. Especially when Phantom is practically the damn lookout man who's like "Good, you're here," when Luminous arrives. So much for fighting the Black Magician.

    Well, there was Testonen- but there's no clue if he was an actual Pirate or not; let alone if he fought the Black Mage directly as the heroes did. His wife, Yuris, appeared to be an early precursor to Pirates; but that's as much as we'll get. And of course, Pirates as a faction didn't exist until Kyrin brought the Nautilus back in the present time to establish them as practically a totally new fighter.

    I'm going to say: as awful as it is, to make a Pirate legend would almost be going back on their word.

  13. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    Lookout man? The man himself showed up late.

  14. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    Ah, I'll take your word from it since you can actually read the dialogue. I was only guessing based on how it looked.

    ... so how is this guy a Legend again?

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    Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    quick someone combine all videos of black mage fight together so we can watch the whole fight, inb4 another new char cuz what happens next?!

  16. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    They need to make an Aran anime introduction now so we can confirm whether or not Aran is a he or a she.

  17. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    Thatís the best anime intro they have made, well action wise at least anyway. Phantom was probably best for 'drama'

  18. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    Aran was female in the Super Fight anime.

  19. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    Yet male in the Phantom anime.

  20. Default Re: Luminous Opening & Animation

    So can ANY Korean speaker/translator tell me what was up with Phantom? That's the part I'm really interested in. He just seemed to pop in, say "ohai, sry im late, ohwait, u got dis bro" and pineapple off. Why did he even bother joining the heroes if he was only going to go as far as the Temple of Time? At least Aran's role made sense, he/she was fighting the armies and providing backup.



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