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    Default Carte Blanc doesn't deal damage

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    The Phantom skill, Carte Blanc, acts very much like final attack, but it only has a chance to activate after critical hits. The skill activates just fine, however, the skill doesn't actually deal damage like it's supposed to. It does actually display damage, but that is all it does. I've tested it on several monsters that should have died in one hit from Carte Blanc, but their health bars weren't displayed and they didn't even seem to be agroed by the attack.

    Images of problem

  2. Default Re: Carte Blanc doesn't deal damage

    Same also occurs with Draw Judgement or whatever it's called

  3. Default Re: Carte Blanc doesn't deal damage

    I had this problem in JMS as well. Are you fighting monsters above your level? I don't think it displays Misses properly.

    Also, I noticed that the Card FA (Name escapes me at the moment) does NOT hit enemies if they are against a wall. Noticed this issue while fighting a mobile boss. I pushed him to the edge, and the cards would go after him but not actually hit the boss. Moving the boss slightly off the wall fixed this issue.

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    I have the same issue. I've been noticing it at Aliens for a while, and I'm well above their level.



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