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  1. Default ElSword, yes, that game again

    Got bored, started playing it. It's fun, they released the cannon shooter guy.
    I'm Lv30 after about a week's worth of game.

    1st/2nd job advancements are all available for other characters, 2nd coming soon for cannon guy.

    IGN - Enjo
    Server - There's only one

  2. Default Re: ElSword, yes, that game again

    Heh. Chung is alright, I guess. I could never really get into him, though. I've been playing the Japanese version within the past couple of months and they've been releasing new subclasses for each of the main characters. Sheath Knight has become my main. He's pretty fun to play. I haven't tried any of the rest of them out yet, though. I'm interested in seeing what the new Raven class is like.

  3. Default Re: ElSword, yes, that game again

    I've essentially quit playing until Way of the Sword comes out for my Lord Knight. So pineapplein' OP. @_@

    Gonna job change to a sheath knight once he's out, too. Chung can suck it.

  4. Default Re: ElSword, yes, that game again

    I still play too.
    The problem with the game is that when you are level capped the game becomes pointless, especially if you finished all the dungeons available. The end game is even worse than in Maple. I guess one could PvP but that becomes pretty annoying since the community, if possible, is also worse than in maple. Still love my Reckless Fist though.

  5. Default Re: ElSword, yes, that game again

    Is he? Ever since that patch hit the Japanese version, I haven't been able to go back to my Lord Knight. lol The speed difference between Sheath Knight and Lord Knight makes my Lord Knight feel so clunky.

  6. Default Re: ElSword, yes, that game again

    Way of the Sword basically made LKs one ofthe top PvP classes in the Korean version. Not that I give a pineapple about that. BUT. The thought of boosted damage on X slashes, wayyyyy more MP regen per hit, auto-counter super armor, and just overall far more bossing potential is very appealing. Especially when paired with Sheath Knight. I'm sure you'd know all about how stupid rigged he is.

  7. Default Re: ElSword, yes, that game again

    I was waiting for Eve, then I realized I hate the RNG in this game more than most so I decided against that, lol.

  8. Default Re: ElSword, yes, that game again

    I think this game looks sick, I may try it.



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