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    Default Your Dream Journal

    As per most people, I can rarely remember my dreams more than five minutes after waking up. Post what you can remember of yours!

  2. Default Re: Your Dream Journal

    Last night I dreamed that it was the first day of school and I forgot to do my work for AP World History, and then after that I had a "Forestry" class (WTP?) which entailed making us go through an obstacle course of swimming through water and climbing an icy slope to teach us how to make water flow upstream. What - the - pineapple?

    I very distinctly remember trying to find my class list next to a green pond and I remember the classrooms were very weird. They were like VY and V = 1 and Y = Random Letter or w/e and it was just very bizarre.

    Last year I had a ton of dreams about school and how I could never find my Spanish class. For some reason in those dreams it was in a big auditorium. NO IDEA WHAT I WAS THINKING. I remember this morning I was sitting at breakfast thinking... "Why wasnt my sister at school?"

    Then it hit me.

    To better illustrate the "Forestry" class, here's a diagram. o-o

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    Here is one of my school dreams:
    It was the first day of ___th grade. My class seemed like the one from this passed school year, like exactly the same. Then we all stood in front of the door, and a bunch of people ran in. One person hugged me and my mind was like "Who the pineapple are you?" Then, I realized: she had gotten plastic surgery. She went from a pale, freckled, short, dark-haired girl with braces to Bella Thorne with piercing green eyes.

    Afterwards, I took a survey in a huge room. There was a wall extension about 1 foot from when you come in, but that was it (come to think of it, I just randomly appeared in the room). I decided not to take the quiz, and was scared as hell to inch through the room, so I tipped myself over in the stepstool I was in and used my G.O.D. (get outta dreams) trick.

    I also have a recurring dream theme where my mother drives us into some water where I use my G.O.D. trick. In the first one, she picked me up from school and we were on this strip of land with water on both sides. She teased by pretending to turn right twice, and then drove in the third time. In the second one, a lot of the road descended into water and she just drove into it.

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    Sounds like fun, I don't always dreams at all but when I do I usually find them quite interesting. Woke up from this dream about 3 hours ago, it's a bit long.

    It starts in a forest, it's night time. Me, my brother and my mother are walking through it on a faint path along with a small party of others, none of whom were memorable. We were walking in silence. A couple of the group have lanterns so our path and surroundings are faintly lit with an orange light. At this point it is not clear where we are going or who's leading. It's not long before the forest begins to thin out and open up into a expansive clearing littered with upright rocks, with a large house at the far end and a stone path leading up to it, weaving between the upright rocks. The house fašade itself was lit with flickering torches that also lit the immediate surrounding lawns, they were slightly unkempt with patches of daisies. Our troupe continues along this path, single file. The motive is still unknown at this point.

    When we were close to the house, I can't remember if it was an exceedingly detailed optical illusion painted on one of the upright rocks or an actual 3D apparition, but this bright pink insignia made itself visible not far from the path. It was a bright pink heart shape with 3 purple slashes across it, it looked almost organic, even alive in the light of the lanterns and it was quite unnerving. It was at this point I was beginning to doubt whether we should even be here, despite not questioning why we were going here in the first place.

    The doors opened as we approached. No-one welcomed us in but we continued to walk in anyway. We entered a vast stone hall with a high, steep roof with wooden beams across it and some long rough wooden tables that could easily seat hundreds of people. It was lit with more torches in brackets on the wall, along with a chandelier hanging from the high ceiling, which housed several candles. There were 6 large corridors leading off this hall, 3 on either side of the tables. They were barely lit at all and had no doors, leaving 6 gaping chasms of darkness surrounding us at all times, 6 vulnerabilities in this safe-house. Without prompting, we all took seats at random places as if to rest ourselves after a long trek. I don't recall feeling remotely out of breath, and I still had no idea what was happening or why.

    [mind blanks out here]

    The room is in panic, people are running in every direction, hopping over the tables and desperately trying to exit the vast hall, me and my family included. Oddly enough no-one ran out the way they came in, back outside, but instead ran into one of the inviting 6 corridors despite having no idea where they led to in this now deeply disturbing house. We ended up dashing towards the one nearest to us, the furthest one from the entrance on the right. At first the corridor was pitch black, but as our eyes adjusted the walls revealed themselves to be old stone, the ceiling had places where it looked like small chandeliers with candles had once hung and the floor was laid with flagstones. The sounds of our footsteps were swallowed by the fear, only leaving the sound of our breathing as we all ran from [i can't remember what].

    We saw a light ahead around a corner, and we all sped up for it. We turned to find what appeared to be a fairly modern looking sports hall. It looked very out of place. The walls had fold-away climbing frames hung on it, there were unfinished metal beams holding the roof up here rather than wood and the floor had various different coloured lines on it for various different games. There were some foot-powered scooters with unusually large standing platforms and wheels leaning against the wall by the door. We entered, only to find the floor had virtually zero friction. We slid for metres if we thrust ourselves in a direction. Something about the light in this room was reassuring, although I don't recall seeing any light sources. Was the first time I had felt certain about anything so far. The fear subsided somewhat and my brother and I started treating it like you would a freshly varnished laminate floor, sliding across it in our socks and trying out the oddly proportioned scooters.

    Suddenly the atmosphere in the room drops completely, and I feel as if something appears in front of me mid-slide although nothing is seen. At this point my viewpoint changes from my own view to just above and a bit of distance away from the action. My face gets slashed twice from the jawline up to my forehead through either cheek simultaneously by an unseen attacker. From the new viewpoint I can see specks of blood fly up from my face where i had been slashed. It wasn't an excessive amount, fortunately my mind has never really dealt in particularly graphic gore when it came to dreams.

    [mind blanks out here]

    I wake up refreshed and in a good mood, it's 5am.

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    Default Re: Your Dream Journal

    I was in a movie acting for something when suddenly, a bear came and started attacking. It saw me and started running towards me on the two legs but I got to my house and locked the door. Unfortunately, it used its to break the door and then I screamed for help. Then a giant finger came and crushed the bear.

    I woke up afterwards.

  6. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    Default Re: Your Dream Journal

    I was driving, following a car. I noticed the license plate says MOONLAPSE. I was following him somewhere. Then I was at my house, and there was a knock at the front door. I guess it was @Moonlapse; and his father. I invited them inside because I needed to put on a shirt before we left. I think he was transferring to my school or something?

    That's all I remember now. I kinda remember there being two cars at the same time with that license plate. I don't know.

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    Last night I had another one of those crazy school dreams. Forgot to do my AP work again, and my reading for Adv. Language Arts. This time, no forestry class however.

    Some reason in this dream I went to my Digital Art class, which I'm not taking next year... took it last year... weird.

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    Didn't go to work so my guilt subconsciously opened up a portal to an alternate dimension and caused the alien from Alien to travel into my house and just as I was about to kill myself instead of be implanted I woke up.

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    I had an odd dream I was on the ocean city boardwalk, it was dark, and evil. Like, resident evil, with different shades of purpple. There was a guardian at the first house/shop, it was something giant, like 12 feet tall, really large, had a huge mace/club. My mom was going through one of the buildings, familiar with the area, for some party or something. I walk into the first buiding to hide away from the club giant thing. In the distance, through the mist, I see a giant, like koopa turtle thing. It's catching people's souls in a cage, like a bird cage. It was much more massive. There was a shadow thing chasing me, very thing, very sharp, I can't remember it's face, but it was clocked and it wanted me dead.

    So I ran into the building to see kind of a dentist chair, the table had 4 sets of sunglasses on it, I looked around, no one was in the room so I decided to sneak out. There was no door, just this pink jello like substance, it was very bright. I went through it, and ended up joking and spitting out this pink goo, a lot. It brought the attention of the clubber and the koopa. I ran back to find myself at the shopping outlit near my actual house. I see in the back of them my mom and girlfriend kind of walking away, they notice me but my feet became heavy, and I was captured by the koopa. I was figuing a way to escape but I woke up.

  10. Default Re: Your Dream Journal

    ok so i wasn't playing the part of the ghetto black girl the WHOLE time, but there was this ghetto black girl who i think a bunch of cannibals were trying to cook alive. then she escaped somehow and for some unknown reason ate a hot dog and started choking on it. this is when i became that girl and was running away from one of the cannibals who i think was kel mitchell

    edit: jon made me post this knowing fully well that im not 100% sober

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    Default Re: Your Dream Journal

    Last night i was a sentient pot of yogurt who apparently was the best smelling yogurt ever (So said the other pot of yogurt who had the voice of a sassy black woman).

    Perfectly normal.

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    I remember being at my beach house living room, looking at the static on a plasma TV. Looked through the big glass doors and saw no sea, no sand, just a vast all-covering-never-ending light blue and bright sky. Turned up slightly, a ginormous lapis lazuli coloured yet somber planet was right above. I trembled.

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    Default Re: Your Dream Journal

    I once in a while have this same dream in which I'm in some old western town, and then I'm ambushed by every single being alive because of the fact there is a 100billion dollar bounty for me. And I'm talking EVERYONE. Friends, Family, the US army, and apparently Soviet Russia...(Remembers seeing the Sickle and Hammer.)
    (Crime:Apparently being a menace to society.)
    So it goes from Old Western, to apparently something from Stand By Me, where I'm in a forest and there's some train tracks.... then somewhere in the glades (like in the opening to CSI: Miami.), and then I'm in a long, winding road....
    ...Then I'm apparently shot out of a cannon, and the last thing I see is me about to meet the asphalt....then I wake up.
    .....I should lay off the hot sauce.
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    Default Re: Your Dream Journal

    Hm, remind me to post in here when I wake up. I never remember my dreams for very long.

    Actually, I'll relay one here that I will never forget I had over two years ago... a basic summary of what I remember, at least.

    Me and my then-friend-now-boyfriend were at my college football stadium, in the higher-up seats. We had stuffed animals and were in our pajamas pillowfighting with them. What was going on down at the football field? My high school friends were all streaking.

    Yeah... weird yet oddly pleasant because I had a crush on him back then so I was enjoying the pillowfighting, at least.

  15. Default Re: Your Dream Journal

    I'm sure it ended at pillow fighting

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    Default Re: Your Dream Journal

    It sucks that by the time I get downstairs I forget my dreams. I only remember one dream and I had that dream when I was in like 1st grade.
    In that dream I was on my bead and it was being lowered somehow and when i looked down I saw a hooded figure that I recognized as death. Don't know how I knew it was death but I did.

  17. Default Re: Your Dream Journal

    I was a waiter for some restaurant. I tasted some of the food before giving them to the customers, haha. Weird.

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    I decided to take a nap so here goes:

    "I was in an RPG with a friend of mine and her friend. We were playing a really developed 3D game, kinda like Phantasy Star Online, and we were fighting a whole wave of enemies, talking and chatting" then boom I woke up cause my mom knocked on my door to wake me up. Pretty good 2 hour nap.

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    I remember the exact dream when I first wake up, but I'm too tired to do anything about it. Then I forget and a small part of it is random triggered from an irrelevant topic.

    EDIT: My family and I went bankrupt and we had to move out. I moved to a cloudy place and had to hunt for a suitcase with lava on it. I found it after chasing it with this annoying kid I know. Then I packed some of my things (Which makes no sense) and I went to my karate place to tell my instructor I'm leaving. He then gave me $2,400 worth of snacks. I then moved to NYC and started my life homeless. That's all I remember from last night.
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