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Thread: [Evan] The way of the Goat

  1. Default The way of the Goat

    The way of the Goat: Evans
    Currently working on:
    - Explanation of the 10th growth skill builds.
    - Quest guide videos.
    - Rewriting a lot of parts of the funding guide.

    Table of contents
    1. General information for new beginning Evans
    1.1. So what exactly is an Evan?
    1.2. General facts.
    1.3. Why would you create one in first place?
    1.4. Ability point distribution.

    2. Skill guide
    2.1.1 How do growths work.
    2.1.2 What are growths.
    2.1.3 Growths per level.

    2.2. Side skills
    2.2.1. Descriptions.
    2.2.2. How to aquire them.

    2.3. Skill books and mastery books.

    2.4. Skills and descriptions.
    2.4.1. Firsth growth.
    2.4.2. Second growth.
    2.4.3. Third growth.
    2.4.4. Fourth growth.
    2.4.5. Fifth growth.
    2.4.6. Sixth growth.
    2.4.7. Seventh growth.
    2.4.8. Eigth growth.
    2.4.9. Ninth growth.
    2.4.10. Tenth growth.

    2.5. Skills builds.
    2.5.1. Firsth growth.
    2.5.2. Second growth.
    2.5.3. Third growth.
    2.5.4. Fourth growth.
    2.5.5. Fifth growth.
    2.5.6. Sixth growth.
    2.5.7. Seventh growth.
    2.5.8. Eigth growth.
    2.5.9. Ninth growth.
    2.5.10. Tenth growth.

    2.6. Hyper skills.
    2.6.1. What are they and how do they work?
    2.6.2. How do these skill points work?
    2.6.3. Stat enhancing skills.
    2.6.4. Skill enhancing skills.
    2.6.5. Attacks and buffs.

    3. Storyline and quests
    3.1. Storyline
    3.1.1 The Dream.

    3.2. About Evan quests.
    3.2.1. Choosing not to do the quests.
    3.2.2. Which quests give SP.
    3.2.3. Quest guide (written).
    3.2.3. Quest guide (video).
    3.2.4. Side quests and mounts
    3.2.5. Frequently asked questions.

    4. Funding, ranges and damage.
    4.1. End game weapons.
    4.1.1. Elemental staves versus Empress weapons.
    4.1.2. List of weapons you might want to consider.

    4.2. Mage equips in general.
    4.2.1. Empress gear, is it worth it?

    4.3. XX Range for XX Damage.
    4.3.1. Video explanation.
    4.3.2. Written explanation.
    4.3.3. How much % INT / M.atk is needed for XX range.

    Currently unavailable
    5. Bossing and character control
    5.1. General tips and tricks.
    5.2. Dojo.

    5.3. Bosses.
    5.3.1. Zakum.
    5.3.2. Chaos Zakum.
    5.3.3. Pink Bean.
    5.3.4. Arkarium.
    5.3.5. Scarlion and Targa.
    5.3.6. Von Leon.
    5.3.7. Horntail.
    5.3.8. Chaos Horntail.

    Training your dragon
    The fastest way to level up.
    Recommended monsters and maps.
    Party questing and extra goodies.
    Bossing and leeching.

    1. General information for new beginning Evans

    2. Skill guide.

    3. Storyline and quests

    4. Funding, ranges and damage.
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  2. Default Re: Heritage of the Dragon Master

    They fixed the bonuses for Elemental Staff 5 and 6 quite a bit ago, since at least v109 (earliest version of Maple I have on hand ^^u), they now give the appropriate bonus, with 5 giving +10% Fire/+5% Poison and 6 giving +5% Fire/+10% Poison.

  3. Default Re: Heritage of the Dragon Master

    Great guide. I would use some Spoiler tags around the longer parts, such as the skill builds, just to reduce the length.

  4. Default Re: Heritage of the Dragon Master

    Waaah, they never announced that properly did they D: ?

  5. Default Re: Heritage of the Dragon Master

    They did not.

  6. Default Re: Heritage of the Dragon Master

    Great guide! I'm also really enjoying your tumblr.

  7. Default Re: Heritage of the Dragon Master

    Do you have a source or some testing for this? I haven't heard anyone else saying this was fixed.

  8. Default Re: Heritage of the Dragon Master

    I only have what I can see in the data, every elemental staff has variables that set the bonus (incRMAX, where the X is replaced by a letter denoting the element, F is poison, I is Ice, L is Lighting, and for some reason S is Poison). The poison wands and staves now read:

    incRMAF 105 (105% Fire Damage)
    incRMAS 110 (110% Poison Damage)

    I don't know when it was changed, but it's been like this for a good while now.

  9. Default Re: The way of the Goat

    Been a while, but I updated it. The skill guide is now complete, including Hyper skills. I took out a lot of incomplete areas and I will be slowly adding new parts and updating existing.

    And I finally added spoilers for everything.

  10. Default Re: The way of the Goat

    Won't they give AP reset card?
    Going lukless isn't that bad, I'm doing great damage despite having no funds whatsoever but no defenses = pot consuming = poorer me.

  11. Default Re: The way of the Goat

    Not quite sure if the will, it'll be either from an event shop or from a hot time I think. I'd say, go wild with your LUK at the moment.

  12. Default Re: The way of the Goat

    I think you should include the effect of Evan's character card in your guide, because the way it works basically gives all my characters infinite mp.

  13. Default Re: The way of the Goat

    Will do!



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