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  1. Default Summons attack speed.

    According to the Attack Speed Reference Sticky all summons other then Gaviota and Octopus attack at 3030ms, with the others attacking at 1530ms. Does this still hold true? Things like Jett's turret, updated Pirate's summons, other updated summones, etc. Do they all just attack every 3030ms now? And is there a way I can find out this exact information myself perhaps within the WZ files themselves? (I'd prefer to be more accurate instead of doing it with a recorder.)


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    Default Re: Summons attack speed.

    whatever it is is NOT 3030ms anymore, if anything i'd guess it's on the 8xx range. wait for someone who knows the actual number.

  3. Default Re: Summons attack speed.

    Corsair's Octopus Quarterdeck, and by extension, the Jett copypasta is 810ms. Assemble Crew's Muircat and Valerie are 1530ms, and Jack is 810ms.
    Cannon Shooter's Monkeys are 930ms. Anchor as well as Magician and Archer summons are still 3030ms, though I haven't personally tested Magician's. Mercedes' are 1530ms each as well.



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