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Thread: [GMS] GMS v112 - Jett

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    Please excuse the fact that these use the Dragon Warrior job name. It should be Jett.

    Jett (I)
    Jett (II)
    Jett (III)
    Jett (IV)

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    (PvE) Skill Changes

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    Due to the size of the Item spoiler taking up too much room, I have removed quest items and mastery books from it.



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    So Jett is an explorer meaning Phantom can steal it's skills? or it might have an exception or something?

  6. Can of Soup Straight Male
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    Nope, she is a special explorer like Dual blades and canon shooters.

  7. Idiot. Male
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    Doubt it, Phantom can't steal Dual Blades and Cannoneer's skills. Only the 5 regular adventurers.

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    Yeah, That came to mind as soon as I made the post x.x

  9. Alligator Straight Male
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    Thank god for that.

  10. Helium Atom Straight Male
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    pineapple, I though it was extracted already xD FielTROLL

    But give him time, it will be worth it ;)

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    Hoping for decent dubbed Phantom intro videos, ala Demon Slayer acting quality.

    Edit: Nevurmaind~

  12. Donator Straight Male
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    i'll refrain from adding a picture to this page because this is probably going to be massive, so instead here's a link.

    so much want