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  1. Default cyngus Hit rate past 120

    I recently finish my periot quest for my cyngus as well as the lvl 110 skill and most of the arkraim quest skill. Yet I still miss mobs past 120. so is there some kind of quest that I'm missing or am I just wrong when I think cyngus could wear equips up to lvl 130 and hit mobs with no miss up to level 130?

  2. Default Re: cyngus Hit rate past 120

    I was under the assumption that you get a quest after the 110 quest to make you no-miss everything, But I could be wrong.

    And its Ultimate Adventurers that can wear equipment 10 levels above their current level, not Cygnus Knights.

  3. Default Re: cyngus Hit rate past 120

    You can't wear equips up to 130, but you can hit all mobs, not just up to 130, with the Empress's Prayer skill, or whatever it was you got after finishing peridots. It's a buff, so you must have it active to attack without missing. It lasts for two hours, and you don't lose it if you die or get dispelled, but if you log off or disconnect, you will, there's a 24 hour cooldown.

  4. Default Re: cyngus Hit rate past 120

    oh ok. so i need to have that buff active. geez thats stupid. But thanks for the info.

  5. Default Re: cyngus Hit rate past 120

    It is. It literally takes less time to delete your cygnus and raise a new one to 120 than to wait for the skill to recharge.

    Also, echo cancels it. For no reason.

  6. Default Re: cyngus Hit rate past 120

    This. I also think the last time I did ark and died I lost my empress buff on my ck -_-



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