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  1. Cash3 ChinaMS Test v063

    It was open yesterday. It contains new stuff like jobs (as in, when you go to work, not Warrior or Bowman), Pirate revamp, DRAGON WARRIOR, And Justice Events.

    DRAGON WARRIOR Character Creation


    World Map Road Finder

    DOWNLOAD LINK v065: clickhere

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    I broke out laughing because I thought the character was a dragon warrior and had shadow partner.

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    Pirate Revamp?

    I was under the impression that CMS removed the Pirate Revamp and replaced it with Dragon Warrior, Am I incorrect in this?

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    There IS pirate revamp. I didn't post pics here, because i have no pirate

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    Hm. So There is hope for GMS yet. I was under the assumption that CMS just flatout removed the pirate revamp due to people complaining about the unoriginal style of the new pirates, and replaced it with this abomination of a class called Dragon Warrior. Everyone also translated this into GMS because we're also getting a Unique class so they assumed that it would translate as well.

    Thanks, this has been very insightful and has given me some hope.

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    I'm just now noticing your new avatar. Awesome.

    Seeing these pictures half-tempts me to try playing CMS(T) for a bit, just to check things out. Switching between code-pages is annoying, though. :X



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