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    Nexon Japan released a bug fix patch a few days ago and ever since then, I've been continuously getting "MyKeyDefense : Initialization Error (0x32A1000B)" along with an error that says, "[Error 32a1000b] Could not download authentication file. Please try again" when HackShield tries to run. I have managed to log into the game only twice since the patch happened, but 90% of the time, I've gotten nothing but this stupid error. I've tried uninstalling, running disc checks, defragmenting, clearing my registry, completely uninstalling/deleting anything related to MapleStory or HackShield (or any games that use Hackshield), then reinstalled it. I've even disabled Windows Firewall and Avast. Nothing worked. I tried replacing my Hackshield files with someone else's that seems to be working, but it didn't help.

    The weird thing is, I'm not the only one getting this issue. I really can't solve it and it's driving me nuts. I'm losing out on my 2x EXP card because of this.

    Does anyone happen to know the cause of this crap?

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    Do you have to log in to the site like kMS and let AhnLab run?

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    I've tried literally everything I could ever think of to try to fix this issue... The only things I can boil them down to are : 1) Either Nexon or AhnLab screwed something up on their end and 2) it seems to only be completely broken beyond repair for Windows 7 32-bit users. 64-bit users can play fine, but us 32-bit users are screwed. I can't play MapleStory until the next patch, which means my pet and 2x EXP card are going to expire. I've sent two tickets to Nexon about this and they're not going to do shit, considering both answers I got were automated replies... both telling me to submit a ticket. What the hell? Seriously, Nexon. That's worse than how the American branch deals with them.

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    Automated reply to a ticket that tells you to submit a ticket? That's rather absurd even by Nexon standard.
    Are you sure they're not telling you to submit the ticket to the correct department or with a different subject?

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    You can't run it in say....XP 64 bit mode? Or does it not work like that? I wonder if there's a 32 bit mode of MS/Hacksheild that somehow you got the 64 bit version.

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    Nope. It links to the exact same thing and is very non-specific about what to put up. It simply just says, "There are issues with Windows 7 and Vista operating systems. Please go to <link> and submit a ticket with details of your error." I had even compiled a file they asked for to begin with...

    1) Hackshield detects any run as modes.
    2) No, unless Nexon Japan forgot to inform us there are two versions. There are only single download links for both Hackshield and MapleStory installs.



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