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Thread: Humble Bundle V

  1. Default Humble Bundle V

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Psychonauts, LIMBO, Superbrothers: Swords & Sworcery EP & if you pay $7.06 (At the time of this post) you can also get Bastion!

    I already donated for charity, and you guys should too! =]

  2. Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    Just bought it right before I saw this, definitely best bundle yet. Too bad I already have 2 of those games, still a good deal though.

  3. Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    Already have 3 of the games in the pack. I'll be buying it anyway, I've heard nice things about Psychonauts.
    Currently deciding on the amount I wanna pay.

  4. Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    Never been one to play anything but MMOs on a computer, BUT I'M DOING IT.

    I'm excited for Amnesia. Please tell me I should be excited for Amnesia.

  5. Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    Depends, you may not want to come out of direct sunlight for a few days. Wasn't so bad for me, @LadyJenJen; was scared sh'itless and @Zelkova; should know as well.

  6. Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    :DDD I am excite.

  7. Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    I was too. xD

  8. Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    [HIDE-REPLY]I wont be purchasing this one. I have all the games except Swords & Sworcery.[/HIDE-REPLY]

  9. Default Re: Humble Bundle V


    Edit: Oh that was neat how you hid it. new features ahoy.

    OT: I will probably buy this, I've heard great things about Bastion and Psychonauts

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    Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    Ohhh bastion, i really liked its soundtrack, must annoy dad for credit card...

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    Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    Im in!

    Itll be interesting playing Amnesia with my stereo system.

  12. Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    best day ever

  13. Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    Kind of want...

  14. Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    Bastion soundtrack alone makes this worth buying.
    I have almost all the games and their soundtracks so i wont be buying this time, maybe next time!(Even got my copy of the bastion soundtrack signed!!)

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    Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    I had none of these games, and i wanted to buy at least 2 of them anyway, so this is amazing. And i get to support charity too!
    I donated $25 because it would feel criminal to pay any less for all those games. 15 went to charity, 5 to the developers and 5 as a tip.

    I didn't get an email from either the humble bundle or paypal which i used for the transaction, though i checked and the payment definitely went through. Somethings wrong with my email, sigh. what bad timing.

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    Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    I already had Bastion, but I still payed over the average. I've been dying to play Amnesia.

    A++, Humble Bundle folks.

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    Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    I want Bastion... but I don't have a computer to play it. *utterly confused*

  18. Default Re: Humble Bundle V

    I'm pretty sure Bastion is on XBLA as well.



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