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  1. Default A building based on natural structures.

    Oh well, i hate this. @__@.
    Made using various kinds of paper; acrylic paint and a toothbrush; toothpicks and needles; glue; wires; styrofoam; and some other very small amounts of materials for those details; about two days to make this.

    A zoomed picture that shows some of the details in the whole thing; too bad the delicate structure isn't easily noticeable as it wasn't done with wires because they looked too big for it; i've done it by getting a needle with extremely small drops of glue, and then using tweezers to pull a ridiculously low amount of glue and make some sort of a very thin "web" to emphasize the chaotic and confusing structure at the bottom.

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    Default Re: A building based on natural structures.

    Beautiful work! Are you thinking about going into architecture?

  3. Default Re: A building based on natural structures.

    Yep, it's been almost half a year already, my classes have started since i got approved into the Architecture course in a very nice university in here. :>
    At least i'm glad that more than 70% of all subjects are basically the same that students in the Arts course get, because i'm focusing more on a very interesting branch of an advanced course within architecture that is mostly related to studying architecture and buildings applied to fantasy and games.

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    Sounds awesome, looks great!

    Good luck with the future architecture stuff!

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    Default Re: A building based on natural structures.

    So meticulous with your work



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