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Thread: Extra AP?

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    So, I've been wondering about something lately: If I'm adding up everything correctly, you get 995 AP from levelling 1-200, plus an additional uh...15 (? Yeah, I honestly didn't pay much attention...) from job advancing. You're only able to add AP into a stat up to 999 base, right? So you end up with some extra...where do they typically go? HP or whatever your secondary stat is? How much do you actually end up with, since my inattentive ass can't remember how much job advancing gives? Thanks for helping me out. :x

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    Well I've seen a lot people put in that extra +15 AP into their secondary stat to wear the 140 set.
    Each Job Adv gives +5 AP.

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    1018 AP with 4 base secondary stats.
    I put mine in hp, because I already have a good 500 dex with 4 base.

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    You end up with 19 extra, which you can put into secondary stat (4 points in secondary stat = 1 point in primary stat, damage-wise) or in HP if you'd rather.

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    Thanks for the replies, everyone :D

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    I think instead of making a new thread I'll use this one... What happens if you use a AP reset if you have 10 extra AP from that compensation?

    Do you get ALL the AP you have, or you get a lousy non-compensated ammount? Same with being lv 200?

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    You get it all back.

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    Waut, what? 10 extra AP from what compensation? You mean nexon gave out free AP's when i was gone?

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    Yes, there was a compensation event in which you had to log on to receive 10 free ability points on one character.

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    Wait, 15 AP from Job Advancements? I thought only 3rd job gave 5 extra?



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