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    So i was reading the Nexon official forums and found this thread,

    It supplies some data on nexon america and the income from 2011. Any thoughts on this? Perhaps a reason for slow/bad updates?

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    >Slow updates

    Are we talking about the same game? GMS is right there with JMS in terms of content patches - only a couple of weeks behind. JMS will be the first outside of Korea to have Justice implemented and GMS will be the second. If that's slow, I don't know what should be normal.

    Quality, on the other hand, is something Nexon America never really had.

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    Hm, maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but I do believe a patch or two was delayed in the past year and bumped down to later than its planned release date.

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    A delay of 4 days isn't that big of a deal.

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    They did lose 3.5m USD, they're receiving things with much less priority i feel anyway. Not to mention the lowest income earner of all the major versions.

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    As multiple people in the thread you linked pointed out, Nexon didn't lose anything. They just had less profit.

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    I blame the fact that they waited until 2012 to release legend tier.

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    I love all of the conclusions people are coming to on that thread with so little information.

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    ?!?!?! GMS MAKING LESS MONEY!??! ofcourse we got 30mil wards :D

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