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  1. Default Another Path of Exile open weekend!
    Basically it's a Diablo II clone, but with a ton more skill tree depth. Worth checking out if you like the genre, at the very least.

    New Open Weekend starts today!
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    skill tree reminds me of FFX. >_>

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    I liked the FFX skill tree.

    I like this one even better, though; the big orbs are actually useful, and the giant ones give unique skills you can't get anywhere else. The one that causes your minions to explode at low life is such a good crowd clearing skill.

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    This weekend is the last open weekend before the open beta starts and there are no more character wipes!
    Here's a great video on how item upgrading works in Path of Exile; they've added a ton of new stuff since the last open weekend, so even if you tried it before it's worth checking out again, unless you are just holding out for the open beta.

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    The skill tree looks needlessly complex. You can't even see the entire thing on screen at once. Nearly all of the orbs are something boring like +10 to a stat or +1% crit, and you know the builds are just going to be rushing for a few of the big power ups applicable to a certain playstyle, taking some side branches for additional stats and small power ups, and then throwing a couple of points into important stats here and there.

    This game looks like it'll be only for the small community of hardcore D2 fans. As good as D2 was, it isn't a game that I can pick up in 2012 and still have fun with. The gameplay and mechanics are just too outdated. I was hoping D3 would improve on the old formula by revamping the stats/skills and throwing in new stuff to do, but that obviously didn't pan out, so they've backtracked into the type of pointless grind that I really hate.

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    And that's exactly why I'm so excited for it! I played D2 for 8 years to an extent beyond addiction, so this is all looking awesome to me. I'm really loving the maps system they introduced recently.

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    Default Re: Another Path of Exile open weekend!

    Too bad Torchlight 2 is only 6 days away, otherwise I'd probably have interest.

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    Oh yeah that's true too. TL2 looks a lot better than the first...then again, I only played the first for like 3 days, it has no endgame to speak of, lol.

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    I've been in the closed beta for a few months. I'd have to say this game is definitely worth trying out for sure just because the game is actually kinda fun! The skill system is like the FF7 materia system where you have your active skills in the place of gems. Then you can augment these active skills based on what you link with passive gems.

    Personally, I also like how they did orbs. From the beginning, you can find orbs that can alter your equipment. There are orbs that can upgrade a white item to a magic one(or legendary if you're really lucky), reroll the affixes on an item, reroll the colours/number of sockets and these are just a few of the many types of different orbs you can get. So in a way, you can actually "build" your own items which adds another layer of complexity to the loot drop game. If that wasn't enough, they also applied the same "crafting" system to its end game system which are maps but I won't go into detail here. It's the first time I've actually enjoyed grinding because no matter what level you are, you will always find orbs/gems that have a universal purpose and it just feels good. It is just that satisfying feel of finding loot which is what Diablo 3 currently lacks and what Diablo 2 had that makes this game fun.

    The game is in its very early stages so while it may not appeal to people now, I do recommend everyone to try it out eventually especially if you like action RPGs. You may even appreciate the game design choices they've made compared to Diablo 3.



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