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Thread: [Galicia] R> Scherzo

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    Guild no longer exists and has been remade into Solus. If you have interest in Solus, PM me for more information.
    (someone PMd me asking if it was still around when I thought this thread was already long gone )
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  2. Water
    IGN: DrkLilith
    Server: GAZED
    Level: 210
    Job: DarkCryokinesis
    Guild: TheAura
    Alliance: Aura
    Farm: FIareon (dead)

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    Est: 2/15/10

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    Updated original post a bit. Still recruiting.
    Open to people from Demethos, El Nido, Zenith and Arcania since we'll be merging with them soon.

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    consider this a bump.
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    Looks like an interesting guild. I'd like to join, but Renegades/Justice removed almost every activity before level 60.

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    Are you guys still looking for members? I would like to join



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