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    If I lock a primary line on an item (for the sake of hypothetical let's not question it) that happens to be 3% Luck (the item is rare), and if I cube it and the cube decides to turn it epic, would the item be epic with the 3% Luck line or would it be forced to stay rare? If it's forced to stay rare and I re-cube it, would it go to epic immediately or would I have to keep cubing randomly again?

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    Default Re: Potential Locking?

    I can only answer the last bit: if it's forced to stay Rare and then you recube it without a lock, it won't necessarily go Epic. Each cube is an independent random event. There is no mark on the item that means "its time to go Epic has come".

    As for whether locking the primary line will prevent a rank upgrade: I'm wondering the same thing.

  3. Default Re: Potential Locking?

    Logically it shouldn't prevent anything, if it were impossible for the primary line of any item to be lower rank than what it currently is then maybe. but since that isn't that case I'd assume it would just be like getting from rare-epic cubing normally with a rare stat on the first line still.

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    Default Re: Potential Locking?

    But isn't rarity dependent on which pool the first line of stats draws from? If so, that would lead me to believe that it would prevent it from upgrading, but this is all purely hypothetical.

  5. Default Re: Potential Locking?

    No, rarity is just the rank and the potential lines are just what become available with it.

    As far as I know, you don't just cube and have a % chance to get all stats and if event where x stat from y tier is pulled then upgrade in tier occurs.

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    Default Re: Potential Locking?

    Seems like there's always some sort of catch or ambiguity with Nexon. My guess would be that the best way to find out is to try it, unfortunately.

  7. Default Re: Potential Locking?

    That would be way too much NX to test something and even with that knowledge, there is no benefit to it.

    I personally think it won't go to epic because iirc if the primary land goes to 6% luk, then that means it turns epic. If the 2nd or 3rd line turns to 6% luk, then nothing happens [unless the 1st line changed as well]



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