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  1. Default Hi, I'm Dyskoteka

    Oh wow... this forum actually sets up your introduction for you. How awesome. C: Guess I'll just do this since I am not so good at introductions. Anyway!

    I'm new to Southperry and here's some info about myself.

    Name: Aki
    Age: 21
    Location: USA
    When I started playing Maple & what server: 2003 when Beta first started.. I started at 0.02 C; I was there when they added skin color, haha.
    Other Games I play: FF13, Little Big Planet 1 & 2, Dynasty Warriors 7, and tons more.
    Where I heard about SP: I heard of it when I was looking for game extractions on Google.
    Reason for Registering: Be a part of the community and discuss game matters.. and the like. Maybe help out eventually.
    Three interesting facts about me are (I dunno if I'd call them interesting but..):

    1) I wanna teach English abroad after University.
    2) Studying Computer Science
    3) I am a language freak. Currently studying Japanese, Mandarin, Dutch, Polish, and Italian.

    Hope to be good friends with ya. C;

  2. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    Level: 215
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    Alliance: KATYPERRY

    Default Re: Hi, I'm Dyskoteka

    Welcome to Southperry, Aki. :)

  3. Default Re: Hi, I'm Dyskoteka

    Interesting, Enjoy your stay Aki.
    Wish i could learn that many languages! tried to learn dutch myself however failed quite badly... then lost the motivation to continue learning it xD

  4. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Dyskoteka

    Welcome to Southperry, the land of chinchillas, pineapples, and opossums ;3.

  5. Default Re: Hi, I'm Dyskoteka

    Wow, I never expected this many welcomes. Nice to meet all of you, and thanks for your welcomes. (;

    @Durex ~ Most people tell me I am crazy for learning Dutch, haha. But I totally understand the feeling of just having no motivation for something.

    @Derosis ~ You bet C; Language fanatic since 2002.

  6. Default Re: Hi, I'm Dyskoteka

    I'm currently Learning German, French, and Latin. I'm wanting to add on to my very very limited Japanese Vocab. And start learning Korean soon as well.

  7. Default Re: Hi, I'm Dyskoteka

    You'll enjoy Korean, it's much easier grammatically than Japanese, in my opinion.



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