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  1. Default re: the cygnus knight / UA changes

    I never really understood what exactly happens to the UA skills.

    Will my UA Fire/Poison still have flame gear? Or will it be replaced by the light summon from my dawn warrior.

    Or will he have both? I don't entirely understand.

    Some clarification please?
    Sorry if I am a bit hard to understand, it's damn near 2 am and I'm going to be heading off to bed.

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    Default Re: the cygnus knight / UA changes

    You have both.

  3. Default Re: the cygnus knight / UA changes

    I'm curious if other adventurers can get the soul skill through various quests like you could with the cygnus attack.
    I'd really really really love a summon and without a doubt would have made an UA if I knew this. (An UA Warrior at least, not my lame NL)

  4. Default Re: the cygnus knight / UA changes

    The only use for the Soul skill is to have a pretty little ball follow you and aggro monsters.

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    Default Re: the cygnus knight / UA changes

    Well, they don't aggro monsters.

    Erm, I mean the soul will only attack monsters you're attacking, which are most likely aggro-ed anyway.



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