after years i started playing maple again some days ago and thought about to do a documentation about my new journey^^
its also alot of fun videos and experimental stuff i try to do

that was yesterday^^ finally got level60 just by doing all the quests while the beautyfull snow outside started to melt :S

yellonde a timetravel

its a documentation about the ranking from release of yellonde up to today^^

a journey to the stars and back

it was late at night and i was kinda bored so i tryed something special. it was such a beautyfull starsky out there and i wanted to share it with you :D in the end i was out there for long time and it became more photos than i wanted XD so i did need somewhat time to find out a good setup on the camera to capture stars in quality and i made 30sec each picture to capture the little starlightys in the end :3