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    Um, since Mojang released the source code for Catacomb Snatch, I figured I would like to make it a side project to make a new game out of their current one!

    Old things I have done

    My most recent addition is a new button to the Title selection screen.

    I am currently making the spare button into a Help button (as the game comes with NO instructions whatsoever when you download it)

    I am currently working on making the help menu work.

    After that I plan on making a second map for you to enter. I believe this will actually be difficult to do, so it will take quite some time to implement.

    (Keep in mind that I am new to Java programming. I wouldn't appreciate "God you're a noob" type comments..please..)
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    What's Catacomb Snatch?

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    You can mute the audio if you want.

    The version we were playing was a moderately fixed version. Most ingame bugs that would crash you were fixed.

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    Hey, that still isn't bad for being new to Java. I myself am worse than a newb in that I hadn't done squat since the course to remember what I learned, but even then I was only able to partially finish a simple 8 bit style game using JPanels. Ultimately it was more a map loader at the end than a game since you couldn't die and there was nothing to do after the preset number of enemies were killed. At the very least I was made it able to load any type of map from a txt file using all of the block types I had loaded and had a separate destructible layer. Planned on making it a game and connecting exits on the edges of maps to load other areas to have a real sort of cheap experience but it never worked out. Didn't help my motivation that someone had a server based poker game, and even a working Missile Defense game in my class as other projects.

    Good luck experimenting with the code though, and don't let yourself down. Stereotypical hypocritical statement here, but everyone is a noob at some point, but you can always work past that period with perseverance. Blah, blah, blah motivational speech coming from the guy with Despair Inc. calendars. Seriously though, have fun at it.

    I'm still somewhat impressed though in how quickly they were able to put this together. I'll have to check the code out myself to see if they used a basic setup for code or something to get around general time consuming tasks.

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    Thanks LSJ!

    I've been a little preoccupied in the past few days. I have not found the culprit behind why I cannot enter the "Help" screen i created. It must be somewhere I am not looking. ><



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