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    Default Anime mix up/parody videos

    I've found quite a few funny or awesome mix up or parody videos which combine the musical themes or art style of 2 animes and mix them together, for example this one which i just found and i think is awesome, which is the Nichijou opening with characters from the Madoka universe

    (I love how it even has the characters from the manga :3)

    or the Durarara! opening with characters from Steins;Gate:

    There's even ones that mixes anime with things that aren't, such as the Durarara! ending theme with Harry Potter characters, or the the Higurashi Kai opening theme with Final Fantasy 7 characters.

    Anyone else got any to share? i love these things :D

  2. Default Re: Anime mix up/parody videos

    Nitro+ parodies Madoka's opening with their music mascot, Sonico. Enjoy the other nice Nitro+ cameos if you can spot and identify them when they all show up. Nitro+ took down their video, so this Spanish subbed version is all that's left. Enjoy.

    This SZS-Ace Attorney parody is popular and pretty well enjoyed.



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