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  1. Default Maple is blurry.

    I recently got a new computer and for some reason when ever I play maple the screen seems to be blurry. It looks fine on the 800x600 setting but not as good on 1024x768. I'm still using my old monitor which worked fine before hand. If it helps my graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 6530D. Also using Windows 7.

  2. Default Re: Maple is blurry.

    Are you playing in windowed mode? Mine looks blurry when playing in the higher resolution in windowed mode as well. Full screen looks fine though.

  3. Default Re: Maple is blurry.

    I'm playing in full screen. Also checked in windows mode and I still have a blurry issue.

    Edit: Problem has been fixed. Please close thread.

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    It would be nice if you told us how you fixed the problem, for those who might encounter the same thing.

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    If Pamcakes ever visits this thread again, if you choose to share the solution VM me and I'll post it in the thread.



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