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    Default MapleStory Story

    Any one remember that massive story Issac put together using the quests ect did any one keep that up?

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    Default Re: MapleStory Story

    Here. It got moved to MapleGuides.

    Sadly, Victoria Island's quest have had a massive story change, and.. yeah. Ossyria and Ludus Lake should be unchanged, though.

  3. Default Re: MapleStory Story

    Ahh. That was a great compilation and service that he did.

    I wish someone could try to work on it with all the current things that have been released.

  4. Default Re: MapleStory Story

    Yep aran the crossdresser

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    Default Re: MapleStory Story

    Wow, this is amazing.
    Just spent a good half hour reading these.
    Starting on masteria now.
    Makes me realize just how much utter bullcrap the new stories are
    "Black Mage did this!"
    "Black Mage commander is attacking!"
    "Black Mage broke something!"
    "Black Mage made skill revamps!"

  6. Default Re: MapleStory Story

    If you fuse this history, whit the black mage history, and clean all the bs, it's done

  7. Default Re: MapleStory Story

    Need a plot device to explain a mechanic change?
    A wizard did it.

    I wouldn't say that the "new stories" are bull crap though since all the Black Mage stories are a big over-arching plot.

  8. Default Re: MapleStory Story

    The new job specific stories aren't terrible; they just end so quickly.

    The Aran and Evan ones end at around 70, the Resistance one I can't remember, and the Dual Blade one pretty much ends at 2nd job advancement.

    I haven't leveled up my Mercedes and Demon Slayer high enough to see the whole of their stories.

  9. Default Re: MapleStory Story

    Oh god.
    What have you started.

  10. Default Re: MapleStory Story

    That breakdown made me way happy.

  11. Default Re: MapleStory Story

    I miss the 4th job skill quests. They had some pretty nice stories too =P

    Guess they were lazy to make similar things for new classes and just decided to throw away the entire concept of skill quests. IMO it would be much better to work for your skills (even for the lvl 20 and 30 ones) through quests than depending on the economy/luck at opening MMBs.

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    Default Re: MapleStory Story

    This, so much. It's a shame that story compilation doesn't have all of the fourth job quests in it. I really would have liked to see what some of the non-Warrior story-lines were like.



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