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  1. Default Me, you and Mewtwo.

    WiFi event went live on Monday and ends on either the 26th or 6th. Don't risk waiting until the 6th. Get him now!

    (If you don't know how to get a WiFi poke, you select the gift thingy from the main menu)

    This is BW only, of course.

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    Default Re: Me, you and Mewtwo.

    Tried to post this in the other thread but it's necrolocked so I gave up.

  3. Default Re: Me, you and Mewtwo.

    Can always count on Sarah to update us on this stuff. I'd never know otherwise.

    Mewtwo's nice, but... they seriously need to do another DEOXYS give-away. I still have my event one from back in the fire-red and leaf green days, but seriously. The god damn bastard's RARE.

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    Blegh, I got a Bold one. Not that I can really use it for anything anyway, but still. I don't think it's possible to soft reset for Mystery Gift Pokémon, but I might be wrong (in which case I will feel really stupid).

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    Default Re: Me, you and Mewtwo.

    Yeah, i really wish they'd give us a Deoxys. For the past 2 generations i've been seeing stuff about meteorites and form changes and i never get to use them :(

    Mewtwo is pretty bah. I'm pretty sure i already had one from my GBA game, but this is nice regardless.

  6. Default Re: Me, you and Mewtwo.

    Thank you Sarah! I never keep up with this kind of stuff it seems <<.

  7. Default Re: Me, you and Mewtwo.

    Whats the reason for this Mewtwo? Just a special giveaway?

  8. Default Re: Me, you and Mewtwo.

    You just do what you normally would, don't save and reset the game after receiving it. Then just keep getting it till you get the nature you desire.

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    Commemorating 1 year since B/W was launched.



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