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    Not directly related to Southperry, but spawned from our Status page and the sheer number of other unstable games out there and various complaints that they needed status pages too, we've begun an ambitious project to create a self sustaining stand alone status system ( SSSASSy!).

    Once fully operational it will be on it's own hardware separate from SP so that the two do not screw with each other's stability during the peak period of either.

    It can be considered something of an open beta at the moment as we're processing new games to add to it and working on making it nicer and figuring out where everything is going to go.

    Explore it, play with it, comment on it, share it, enjoy it.

  2. Default Re: New Project -

    Sounds cool, seems like a good idea.

    Also, "Eosian Enterprises" ?

    And did you edit my post just to hide that typo? What the hell. For the record, folks, he typo'd seperate as separare. I wouldn't think that was a big enough deal to warrant editing a user's post Bulldog-style to hide that it had happened, but whatever.

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    I edited your post to remove the fact you quoted the entire message on the 2nd post like an idiot.
    Then since it no longer applied and didn't make sense any more, I removed that bit too.

    You are not watergate, get over it.

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    Neither of them is correct.

  5. Default Re: New Project -


    Looking forward to seeing the finished product. I'd help with the aesthetics if I knew how to.

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    I don't like the green, it's pukish, :(. I don't think it matches with the status colors as well, I know it's petty but its all the negative feedback I have right now

    Is there a reason only a few games work right now besides that's in beta and you're working on it?

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    See the 2012-02-09 news post.

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    Google Ads up immediately I see This is a really cool idea, nice job :) Are you planning to change the design when everything is up and running? The colours are a bit annoying. Also, if possible try and get the S4 League server status up! It's been disconnecty lately.

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    I'm probably just oversensitive to that sort of thing. Mod/Admin edits have been a rampant problem on another forum I visit (one of the lead moderators making edits to posts s/he disagrees with or that refer to some of their more questionable posts) and some of it is OCD - I don't like things being moved or changed. It's a touchy subject for me, but I overreacted.

    And yes, Shidoshi, I typo'd as well. These things happen when you're frustrated.

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    I think it'd be nice to have a few links on each status page to prominent sites for the game - official site, databases, that sort of thing. For people who trawl through the lists and have a new name catch their eye.

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    The official site links will be there later, but frankly if you play the game enough to care about the status you already know where the website is.

    Not promoting any fansites over any other, so no databases, etc.

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    Fair enough.

    How hard would it be to have an extra column showing the time a server has been up for? Or just the date/time of the last red. Could be useful for deciding whether the game is stable enough to bother logging on.

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    Would it be possible to implement a calendar or graph of some sort to show uptime or outages for the individual games?

  14. Default Re: New Project -

    Not accurately, or cleanly. An uptime column / time since last outage is about the best doable and not easy to cram in.

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    Default Re: New Project -

    It's coming along nicely. With 3 of us working on it, it's still taking some time.

    I would like to know though what other games people here might play that we do not have on the tentative list yet. Please feel free to suggest some more popular games that we haven't thought of yet, and maybe we can get them on the list eventually.

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    Zero order predictions are prone to failure. Just because it's been up for long doesn't mean it won't crash the next minute, and just because it has just came up that it will crash again.
    But whatever, if people want this let them have it.

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    IGN: TaliaNCo
    Server: Mardia
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    Job: Arch Mage (i/l)
    Guild: Animus

    Default Re: New Project -

    That's a very good point. Mabinogi has been experiencing those issues for the last few weeks. All weekend, the servers would be up one second and literally, 5 seconds later....down again. It wouldn't do a lot of good to have something like that. I do understand the concept of that though. (seeing how stable a game is before playing it) However, no one will probably look at this to decide if they want to play "said game". They'll look at it after they've already started playing it.

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    Default Re: New Project -

    only thing i have to say is probably centering the charts, they're too close to the border of the screen.

    that and the green background, probably a cleaner color would be much better.

  19. Event Coordinator Straight Female
    IGN: TaliaNCo
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 193
    Job: Arch Mage (i/l)
    Guild: Animus

    Default Re: New Project -

    What browser are you using to look at them? What version of the browser? We were having some trouble with IE, but it has been fixed since we discovered it. It looks fine to me now.

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    Default Re: New Project -

    Shinku's probably using adblock. Without the ads, the contents of the page stick to the left side of the window.



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