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    I'm currently doing the Kerning Square line on my new Dual Blade, and I'm unable to find a Spirit of Rock to finish the quest line. I searched every single channel and was unable to find one. Am I missing something, or is this another boss that's gone missing thanks to this patch?
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    Isn't he at the very top floor, talk to the guy there and go to the end? If not, I guess the SoR got Nexon'd.

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    I was having this issue in my Khaini character as well. IDK if this will help, but I logged out (got the ID logged in bug for a minute), closed client, relogged in, and then he was there. I wish he was just a Mystic Gate though I:

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    He still spawns. Just killed one yesterday. People must be killing him a lot lately, because I had trouble finding one as well.

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    Oh, I was trying to get a Monster Card from him and I thought it was because I didn't do the questline yet. :\

    I wished it would spawn every time you enter every 30 minutes or something.

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    He's on a spawn timer. So it's possible that someone has killed them. Just keep CC'ing and try to find him.

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    I think its just people confused with the silent crusader, they get asked to kill spirit of rock (iirc) and insrtead of going into the portal that is just there they go to the one in kerning square.

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    In my experience, spirit of rock IS NOT a timer boss
    im able to reenter and kill it as many times as i want
    HOWEVER, i have this problem on my drk but none of my other characters
    same ch same time (multiple comps to test) results in drk having no boss and mule fighting one
    i havent found a solution, tho i havent tried party entry cuz i havent had time to test it since i thought about it



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