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    Got a couple of questions regarding 100% potential scrolls: are the Cash Shop versions 'event only' (Tim's Secret Lab), like Shielding Wards? Or do they just not sell them anymore? Also, are there any upcoming events in gMS (things we're getting from kMS) that would give Special Potential Scrolls as rewards? I don't want to explode my stuff.

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    1) Event only.
    2) We don't know yet.
    3) Epic potential scrolls are f'uck tons better.

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    I can't afford to replace it if it explodes though. 4% chance to explode is low and all, but I don't want to risk it. Wondering if Union or something in KMS had Special Potential scrolls, but I guess I can wait and find out.

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    Tim's Lab is pretty sure to come back at some point, if you have the patience and the NX.

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    I'm in the same boat as you. I assume you want to pot a lvl 140 weapon. My gun is almost perfect and I also wouldn't risk with a Epic potencial scroll. =(

    I cannot see the future, but since we sometimes get the same events as KMS I checked Max blog and found some events with 100% pot scrolls as reward that ocurred after Legend patch.
    In this patch there seems to be a Rainbow Quest event and the special pot scroll is a reward from the boxes.
    Eventhough this event gives 100% pot scroll, I really doubt we will get this. =( Last year it was the year of the rabbit and this event seems to be related to that.
    This is were we might get special pot scrolls. They introduce the new card event system and there's a golden pig event were you might get the pot scrolls.
    By completing the LHC theme dungeon you might get a Special pot scroll if you are a DB or Cygnus.

    Again, we might not get this events or maybe we will get special pot scrolls/Tim's secret lab in the next patch. Who knows. xD

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    word of advice, it may probably be cheaper to buy 2 wards and use epic pot scrolls (assumming one fails) than 100% and going for epic.

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    I sell 100% special pot. scroll service. still got 1,6XX boxes left to go.

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    Just wait for shielding wards out so you can protect it and use an epic 80% scroll on it.

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    I used an epic pot on my perfected 140 bow. Passed and revealed 3 lines (after <10 cubes its 8% crit, ignore 15% def, and +12 atk). Totally worth the 4% risk imo if you don't want to wait for tims labs.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I think I'm going to wait for wards to come back to 80% epic pot, hopefully they don't take too long. Thanks for all the links Empire! Hopefully we do get them in some events as I have a few items that I'd definitely use them on :)



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