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Thread: Two Questions

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    1)-Are UA's good anymore?

    2)-How come I didn't get an exp potion after making a new merc?

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    1. Were they ever really "good" in the first place? I know that UA Warriors were decent until at least 4th job, but other than that I don't know if they were ever really that great.

    2. You can only get the 1+1 potions on the first Cannoneer, Mercedes, and Demon Slayer you make. If you make a second one, or deleted one and made another, you don't get the 1+1 potion, even if you didn't get it on the first.

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    1: Not to me, the skills are practicly useless after 3th/4th job. And you only have less inventory slots what bothers me a lot.
    The only thing that I like about UA's is the medal they get since it has attack.

    2: Im going to guess that you deleted your mercedes once because of the intro glitch. And when you made a new one, it gave a notice
    saying that that character will be in the level-up event. But that doesnt work. If you deleted it once you cant do it again.

    EDIT: Ninja'd

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    One more question:

    Are Arans or Evans worth playing after the alliance rising patch?

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    Arans are pretty decent after Alliance Rising. They get a pretty nice boost in damage, but are still kinda tedious in my opinion.

    Evans get a really nice boost in damage/attack speed (Though, I may be wrong and this is Justice Patch not AR/Union)

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    Wand for Matt I believe. Not entirely sure.
    Could also be 2 handed mace scrolls.

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    Probably 2h blunts/axes, but just a guess, I don't touch the FM.

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    Wand for M.Att or 2h blunt weapon... Looks like I have to fund an evan.

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    Most UA's suffer a loss in MP or HP due to not having a 2nd job advancement and that also equates to the low amount of slots given to them. To be honest the regular skills you;re give outclasses a majority of the new skills you get from being a UA. They have nice perks that benefit in the beginning that eventually lose value as you gain more levels.



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