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  1. Default The new cat packages in CS

    Are the cats in the new packages currently available in CS perma? The fish says 90 days but the cat doesn't say.

    Also the description says the cat can apply a skill. Does it really work now? Or is that another copy-pasta fail?

    Thanks for any info!

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    It is not perma. Look at the pet tab, they list 90 day Persians at 5k, just like in the package without including the discount. Permanent pets tend to cost 8-15k.

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    They usually, 99% of the time, list the expiry date of the item below the item in the package.

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    I was just confirming otherwise, no need to raise the font size to emphasize you were only guessing. &Lol for assuming I didn't read, just because I quoted you.

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    Replying to me shows that you're talking to me directly. If you wanted to answer the question you could have done so without quoting me this way I wouldn't perceive it the way I did.

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    Wow useful information on the nexon forums. Thanks for your hard work!



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