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  1. Default Hellbanned after recent Scania crash

    Basically, I was on doing the daily quests for coins on my bowmaster, and then Scania crashed. The game rolled back, and my quests got undone. So I went and started them again, but noticed I couldn't drop off setup items in order to have space to pick up the quest items. When I went to town to try to npc them, I was met with this:

    Just wondering, am I in the minority? As seen in buddy chat, my other friend can't move things either, but a guildie is able to set up store.

    For the record, I have NOT trained with any familiar hacker (I have stayed away from LHC the whole duration of it), and I do not own a single piece of hacked gear in any manner (even my bow was scrolled with 10% vegas + pams, so no duped whites or gm scrolls). I have not bought or sold anything in fm in weeks, so I haven't touched any illegit mesos either.

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    Oh boy, now hellbanning too.

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    2 of my accounts, bf account, 2 frnds accounts all hellbanned ^.^ haven't even been on all day too!

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    All my friends had their accounts hellbanned, but I didn't...not yet at least...

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    WooHoo hellban and i wasn't even online during the redline!

    at least my bowmaster hasn't been hellbannd yet... yay having one account to do something on.

    you know what also sucks? The account that was hellbanned i used to get all ym coins. Now i can't get coins without risking filling my inventory with useless etc pieces. How convenien for nearly all the quests to have a "FIND THIS ETC PIECE AND GIVE THEM TO ME" clause in it.

  6. Default

    I'm with you on stupid.

  7. Default

    so that's a hellban..... ok, now i know i am hellbanned ._.

  8. Euro Minicar Straight Male
    IGN: ZekkenAdele
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    Alliance: Arcane
    Farm: HarvestxMoon


    cmon guys hell ban is actually useful as in your stuff can't be taken by hackers

  9. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
    Server: Windia
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    This man is a genius.
    Next level of account locking-> get yourself hellbanned.

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    Inventory is full can't do pomegranate..better be fixed tomorrow

  11. Default

    Have this problem as well. Finally got the time today to try and solo zakum for my first time (or well second really, failed 2 years ago) so I went in and tried to drop the Eye of Fire.. And then this message popped up. My secondary account which was logged in at the same time yesterday doesn't have it, but sadly I don't have an Eye of Fire on that account. So pissed off right now.

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    Well, at least they are doing something now! Maybe a lot of people are affected, but maybe that means Nexon isn't a sitting duck anymore.

  13. Default

    Not a bug, but is intended. Probably fixed after SC, hopefully lol. Most of Scania is all hell banned though, only a small minority isn't, like the way my Merc wasn't on 2nd account.

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    ohhey this wasn't fixed :D

    And guess what? I can't contact customer support cause their stupid support page is broken.



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