Recruiting people to my guild Sovngarde. If anyone has played "The Elder Scrolls" video game series, you know what Sovngarde means. If not, here you go.

Sovngarde is the Nordic afterlife, created by Shor. Nordic warriors who have proven their mettle in battle arrive in Sovngarde after death. Fleshly pain and maladies evaporate upon entering its Hall of Valor. Spirits here enjoy mead-drinking and contests of physical prowess.

Recruiting friendly, mature gamers on Khaini to join the guild! No crazy level requirements or that... as long as your active and you don't yell at other members... then by all means come on in!

Just message PureHumility on Khaini, or next week, Shinbok (after demon slayers come out) for that will be my main.


Remember, Khaini.