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Thread: [Movies] One for the money

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    I love this series for when I'm feeling depressed or stressed and need some mindless random humor, so I'm entirely too excited to see how this will pan out.

    I doubt it can do the books justice, but I admit Loni Love as Lula disturbingly works.

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    Having just seen this last night as a pick me up after my main drainage line backed up and flooded every bathroom of the house, I have to say it was a pretty good attempt at the book.

    I have no idea what stick is up the critics' asses but they seem to have expected this to be something rather different from what it was and are trying to judge it according to a set of standards completely unrelated.

    It was fun, go see for yourselves.

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    Saw it yesterday too (mom & aunt both read the book). It was cute. I like me some Katherine Heigl and boy did I get to see some Katherine Heigl.



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