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  2. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
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    I'll give judgment when I see the matches. I will say I'm excited for DotA2 at least.

  3. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    IGN: ClawofBeta
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    Guild: N/A
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    I expect free hats for TF2.

  4. Default

    They haven't shown a single screenshot of DotA2 yet, so it's too early to say. All I want to see at the moment is DotA 6.72b with updated models and engine, a ranking system, matchmaking, reconnect functionality, and replays, for $30 or less. pineapple buying heroes.

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    That tournament will be so beast and it sets quite a standard already, 1 million dollars for the winning team '-'

    Also i'm hoping tobi will be doing the english casting.

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    DoTA2 was supposed to be released this year, but no notice yet about it. wonder if it will be F2P, even HoN now is F2P a la LoL style, but since I bought a HoN account long time ago, I have some short of VIP content lol.

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    Dota2 might have the price of 20 USD.

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    Any source on this or just random speculation?

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    probably random speculation since there is no ETA for DoTA2 yet, valve just say: "later this year"

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    Am i the only one seeing this?

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    Yeah, the prize is 1 million dollars, been stated on kotaku blog too.

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    DotA2 is planned to be F2P.

    Also, the prize is 1 million USD. No team is from the US. .-.

  13. Default

    Gabe talked about increasing the price for DotA2 if you had been misbehaving in other games, i'd LOVE a source on it being F2P.

    IIRC they also talked about the modes we loved returning, if we have to earn our heroes most modes that people love will be pineappleing pointless. RD sure is fun with no heroes to choose from.

    They also mentioned nothing about it in:
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    It looks like they said they were working on a game using a micro-transaction business model, but I guess this could have been TF2's change or possibly another game.

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    What would they charge for? Hats?

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    What you mean? iirc, on LoL/HoN you can buy new skins for your hero, and on HoN, you can buy sounds, new animations, etc.

  17. Default

    Ah okay. That sounds good. As long as we don't have to unlock heroes or pay for stat modifications, I'm fine with it. Although i would still rather drop $20 and be done with it.

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    someone that play LoL can confirm, but I think on LoL you can buy new heroes, or unlock them, not sure tho.

    on HoN, now that it turned F2P, you have 10 or 15 free heroes, and if you want the other heroes, you have to pay to unlock them.

  19. Default

    And that's the kind of system that needs to stay the pineapple away from DotA2. <_< i swear i'll rage if we get that.
    I'm an AR/SD/RD player in DotA, those modes will surely be fun if i have to unlock the heroes...

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    yeah, I'd rather pay $30 and have all heroes unlocked than play it for free and have to buy heroes.
    Hopefully they will not copy LoL.



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